A Guru in this context is a Spiritual Teacher, one who will Guide us to full Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment if we listen and follow the Guidance. We need to allow ourselves to be Awakened, which requires Willingness, Faith and Trust.

We can all connect with The Guru Within as all of us have The Divine Inner Teacher and Guide within our minds.

This is synonymous with Healing. Aligning our minds with the Divine Mind brings us everything we TRULY want. One who so aligned is known as a Mystic and will have undergone mind-training to purify the mind.

Learning how to access and recognise this Teacher, and to follow the Guidance that is always available to us, is necessary if we are to find The Truth and awaken to our True Nature and find Eternal Happiness, Peace and Joy.

Our Source or Creator is God and our True Nature is ………….

Words cannot express The Truth but The Truth can be Experienced.

There are many paths one can follow that will lead us to The Truth and the experience of True Peace and Joy. Tools such as Meditation have been used for centuries and is at the core of most Religious and Spiritual Disciplines.

One such path is A Course In Miracles (ACIM).This is a book that helps train your mind in such a way that allows you to release the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence and to the experience of True Peace and Joy. It can be used as a tool for Spiritual Awakening or Enlightenment, and emphasises the necessity for asking for help from The Guru Within, usually referred to as The Holy Spirit or The Voice For God.

However, many students of ACIM experience difficulties in understanding what it is really saying and how to put it into practise.

Nick Kemp feels Guided to help by offering his services as a Mentor or Spiritual Coach and is offering to help ACIM students or indeed anyone truly seeking The Experience of Truth.

Nick offers his services for FREE.

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